Your Hat Style This Winter(2)

There are places on earth where you can definitely create a real snowman. In these naturally cold places, you don’t have to wait until the holiday season to feel the cold breeze, because every day is a cold day. To fight the cold, you should wear winter necessities from head to foot. Start at the top and don’t forget your hat. With your winter hat, you can scream now, “anyway, the cold never bothered me!”

Beanie or Beret, is obviously one of the most casual, stylish winter hats you should ever miss. It’s definitely a warm, hairless hair. These headgear are designed to keep the head perfectly at its leisurely state. There are many ways to make your hair look reliable, especially in winter.

Of course, whenever you wear a small hat, you need to consider your hair. Make your hair as natural as possible, as it will help you create a relaxed style.

Everywhere this season. From floppy, wide brimmed, and fedoras, all the way to beanies, veiled beanies, cat-ears beanies, fur hats, fur beanies, baseball caps (still) the little thingies covering our masterminds are fabulous to say the least.

For hats lovers or cold-temperature-challenged people this trend is a blessing. It’s like eating tones of cake and not getting fat.

Beanie: The sweet little knitted (or not) classic head cover is having its spotlight for quite sometime. You can either go for simple styles in basic colors, or have fun with the infinite number of designs, colors, beads/faux fur/sequins/studs appliques.

Beret: Since the autumn and winter of last year, the fashion world has been permeated with an atmosphere of retro. The atmosphere of literature and art has continued into autumn and winter, and it is still hot this year, because this wave of sweet and personal berets has become a popular item for autumn and winter. Is a lot of people to increase the size of the individual products, but also many female stars favorite fashion accessories. A beret is a flat-topped round brimless cap, usually made of woolen fabric. Originally from ancient Greece and Rome, it was the main trade commodity between the Romans and the surrounding cities. Because of its advantages of ease of inclusion, portability and gender neutrality, it has been used by many military forces since the mid-20th century as part of the uniforms of many countries.

The obsession in town right now is for wide brimmed hats, that somehow resemble witches’ hats, OR are a combo of the fedora & floppy style ones.

They instantly make an outfit more sophisticated and give that celebrity/star vibe to a look.

The styles are infinite here and you can play whatever character you wish, from posh socialite, model, actress, to grungy teen, chic mom, effortless Parisian gal..

Well… I wouldn’t say no to wearing one, just to break the ice, but it is quite a tricky hat style that’s famous with the kids, or that in the past was worn by those middle aged men on some beach somewhere, trying to blend in with the cool kids. Don’t know what was worse, the sight of them looking like fried chickens with a bucket on their heads, or them actually thinking they looked great?

Anyway… today you don’t wear the bucket hat unless you’ve got enough swag that you actually need to tone it down a bit. Hence the bucket hat.

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