Your Hat Style This Winter (3)

Today, we all know that accessories add a lot of “value” to one’s personal style.  If there’s one accessory that can instantly ramp up your look in these colder months, it is a winter hat.  In fact, hats have become a fashion trend and a significant part of the urban culture, and they’re gaining an equal amount of interest among both men and women.

Hats are no longer an accessory for the ‘bad hair day.’  A stylish hat can give a fresh, chic look to just about any outfit, any day. Plus, who doesn’t like a winter hat’s cool ability to look incredibly fashionable and keep your head cozy and warm.

It takes a little know-how to wear a winter hat & get the ‘wow’ look you’re seeking.  Below are some valuable tips that will help you get the right look with the right hat every time!


1. Choose the Right Hairstyle. 

Always wear a winter hat that doesn’t require a lot of volume on the top. Avoid bangs or any hair at the front unless you want them to flatten or a sweaty head! In fact, a sleek ponytail, hair tied in a neat bun or loose curls at the bottom are the best hairstyle for any kind of hat.


2. Suit your Face and Figure.

If your face is small, look for a small winter hat.  Similarly, a hat with a wide brim typically looks more flattering on a full-figured body with broad shoulders. Faces with sharp features are best accessorized with hats that have an asymmetrical design such as folds, pleats or curves.


3. Play with Different Looks. 

Spice things up a bit and adjust the hat on your head a few times to get the right angle for the optimal look. Experiment by placing it forward, backward, slightly tilting it to the left/right, upturning the brim, or other ways that give you a clear view to create an attention-grabbing look and full focus on your face.

4. Personalize the look! 

There are countless options and possibilities to add your personality & personal style to wearing a winter hat:

  • Embellish it with a large statement earring, broach, decorative pin, or a unique hair accessory.
  • Change up your look with cool sunglasses or glasses to spice up your look.
  • Wrap a beaded headband or print scarf around it to give it a bohemian or classy vibe.





5. Choose from a variety of color and styles. 

The fun thing about winter hats is that they come in so many styles & colors that inspiration to wear one comes easily.  Second, they can be a fashion statement on their own.  For example, a wide-brim fedora hat gives the perfect blend of femininity and sophistication to your outfit.  For a casual look, try a floppy felt hat. Then there are baseball style caps, known as snap-backs, that can glam up your look massively.

I hope this article inspired you to wear hats more frequently or add them to your wardrobe!

If there’s one winter accessory that will never go out of style, it’s for sure the Beret Hat. Originally used in long expeditions or in extreme conditions, this type of hat is one of the most resistant – but mostly comfortable accessory that you can wear this winter. For years, it looks has been adapting to city and country living.


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