Stylish Options for Men in Choosing Headcovers

In recent years, the bald head has become popular among most men. In fact, there are also many stylish options for bald men. Fedora and trilby are outdated now while a baseball cap leaves an immature impression to other people. What kind of hats are suitable for a man in his thirties? In 2011, Banana Republic has launched a campaign to better enjoy a more stylish time, so that men could drink much prior to 2 p.m. The most eye-catching accessory is the classic hats like fedoras and creased trilbies. One could take off your hat to your lift attendant to show your gentle temperament. It has been proved that such a campaign was a huge success for related companies. Annual reports of those companies could also be an evidence of such a huge success.

It seems that the blind mania was the final exclamation for men’s formal hats. Outdated items that have spanned centuries and were as important as trousers and shirts are going to death. Most male celebrities have almost stopped topping hats, but there are still some do so. Recently, caps and bucket hats have dominated catwalks of many famous brands like¬†Lanvin and Christopher Raeburn. Large and floppy hats are perfect shelters for people who would like to be fair. When I look ahead to autumn and winter, all of them are casual in the new season’s range. Similar to much of trends in the 90s, many youths will no longer wear such hats over 21. Headcovers are necessities rather than accessories for bald men. In sunshine, naked heads of bald men sweat and peel; in chilling winter, each gust of wind feels like a knife cut my scalp. Guys about the same age are on the edge of getting rid of baseball caps and beanies. I would like to find a smarter hat, but I always feel it like a hat for a person who plays guitar.

Some experts agree that formal hats conjure up unpleasant conditions. One hundred years ago, hats were must haves for men, no matter rich or poor. When styles became relaxing after the war, hats lost their positions in people daily life. Nevertheless, they were still essential for trendsetters and celebrities. Even in a special term, pop stars wore wierd hats as their effervescent appeals. How these formal hats fell out favour of the public? Two men should be blamed:¬†Pete Doherty and Neil Strauss. The guy is an author of The Game, in which main contents are centred on how to change ideas of the pick-up-community. The small fraction of people believe that there are techniques they could grasp to make woman sleeping with them. One critical technique is “peacocking” — trying to catch attentions through garnish clothing.


A bucket hat is also a good choice for the pick-up community. Such hats were originated from farmers or fishermen who often exposed to strong sunlight. There are also inflections of fishing hats in recent years. They are still essential in today’s fashion circles.

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